I was an absolute beginner but after one session with Bhavin I felt a difference straight away. I was quite surprised really! Great coach!

Hossam Elgamal

I had gotten a bit rusty over the past year due to lack of practise while at uni, but with just one lesson with Bhavin I was better than ever before.

Thanks Bhavin for being a great coach and for making the lesson fun.

Pierre P

Both of the coaches, Bhavin and Alastair are great coaches. I have played tennis all over the world and have great experience and these guys have helped me better my game since I have started with them. I even recommended them to my neighbours son who has no experience and he has come along a long way.

These guys are great professional, enthusiastic, hard working, patient and very dedicated to their clients. Thanks guys

Alejandro Gatti

Really enjoy my personal training sessions, Bhavin really pushes you beyond your limits and has definetely helped me make a massive difference in my fitness levels as well as physique.

He will help you acheive your goals and make it fun at the same time.

H Shah

My son has been learning with Bhavin since last year and really looks forward to his lessons, he has made some great progress learning to play tennis.


Bhavin is a great coach. I have been meaning to have lessons for many years. I thought it was just a matter of hit the ball!

But after some very clear coaching I was able to improve and see the bad habits I had cultivated over the years. Also learning to server like a pro.

Everton Elliott

Great coaching style, always able to strike a good balance between the theoric teachings and the practical application. Made each lesson really enjoyable: you learn without realising it!

Lello Santoro

I started lessons with Bhavin as an adult beginner and we have covered all the various techniques required for tennis, from preparation, footwork and all the various grips and shots.His relaxed persona make the lessons very easy and his eye for detail have made me think about my technique to consistently progress my game.

Bhavin is professional, patient and very knowledgeable in his approach. I have progressed steadily and am now enjoying playing tennis whilst continually learning and improving my game.

I would highly recommend Bhavin Khatri as a tennis coach, not only for beginners, but for anyone who’s gone rusty over the years or would like to improve their game in general with some good professional coaching. I still can’t do the amazing Federer passing shot from between the legs but I guess some things just can’t be taught.

Alex Jones

Great coaching and ideal for all levels of play. My daughters and I enjoy it very much and our level of play has improved greatly. Many thanks.

Neysan Valente

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