Cardio Tennis

The ultimate way to burn calories while playing the sport you love.

Cardio Tennis is a new way to improve your fitness levels and hit a lot of tennis balls too. It’s a sociable fun group fitness class that is open to all ages and abilities.

There will be motivating music playing in the background as well as the coach pushing you to your limits.

Remember it’s all about fitness so it won’t matter if you hit the ball in or out or even how hard your hit the ball. It’s about getting fit and burning those calories.

Book yourself in and have the time of your life while getting fitter.

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Tennis Coaching

Tennis Coaching Harrow

We offer private one-to-one tennis coaching for children of all ages and adults in the Harrow area. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, our one-to-one tennis sessions will highly benefit you. Each session can be arranged at a time which is best suited for you and the tennis coach.

Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps Harrow

Tennis Camps are week long tennis coaching courses for children held in the school holidays. The children will be given a chance to have an enjoyable experience, meeting new friends and learning all the essential skills required for tennis.

Personal Training

Personal Training Harrow

Personal training is available for those aged 18 and above. You will be able to arrange a time which is best suited for you and the trainer. Our personal trainers will create sessions which are adapted to every individual and all fitness levels.


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